Umair Janoo

Graduation year: 
Mobility track: 
Current job: 
Regional Manager - The Access Center (South), Beaconhouse School System and Network, Pakistan

Umair says:

After completing my undergraduate degree from a reputed university in Pakistan, all I was looking for in a graduate program was the thrill of studying abroad with a strong academic base and a multitude of experiences. I found all those in Mundus MAPP. Although I had a background in economics and politics, the way public policy as a discipline was delivered to me through this program was truly commendable. Traveling to the UK, Spain and finally Hungary over two years was an experience of a lifetime and the qualifications have allowed me to secure a job as Regional Manager - The Access Center (South) at the Beaconhouse School System and Network which is quite possibly the largest school network in the world.

Education was always a passion for me and this program allowed me to study public administration in the first year followed by a more specialized second year in which I focused on education policy and management. It was a tremendous journey and I highly recommend this program to anyone who wishes to have more than just academic rigor which can translate into unforgettable real life multicultural experiences and making friends for life.


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