Shqipe Neziri

Graduation year: 
Mobility track: 
Current job: 
Manager of Anti - Corruption Programme, United Nations Development Programme, Kosovo

Shqipe says:

As the manager of one of the key programmes of the United Nations Development Programme in Kosovo, the Erasmus Mundus MAPP program has equipped me with unique conceptual knowledge and policy-oriented learning that are necessary for understanding and decisively intervening in current policy problems in rule of law and anti - corruption.

In addition, for me the program had manifold benefits: two years of living experience in two different countries (the United Kingdom and Hungary), a full scholarship from the European Commission, the opportunity to study in two well-known universities (the University of York and CEU), most importantly, to pursue two Masters degrees in two different fields (MA in Public Administration and MA in Public Policy).

I would highly encourage young scholars to apply for the Mundus MAPP program, because it attracts outstanding students, provides high-quality cross-disciplinary academic training in a multi-cultural environment, and as a result, graduates will be able to move into leadership positions in their chosen fields.


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