Juan Carlos Trivino Salazar

Graduation year: 
Mobility track: 
Current job: 
PhD Student, PhD Program in Political and Social Sciences, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain

Juan Carlos says:

The most valuable things Mundus MAPP offered me was the chance to be a world citizen, to make wonderful friends from every corner of the planet from whom I learned a lot, and to be exposed to an academic atmosphere that shaped my critical thinking.

This program gave me new tools to go beyond my own knowledge, my world vision and my aspirations. Now that I am enrolled in a PhD I notice the impact that Mundus MAPP had on my way of structuring my thoughts, my level of analysis and my interests. More important, it helped me to be aware that I cannot take things for granted, that before accepting a fact, I must question it first and problematize it.


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