Bilal Aurang Zeb

Graduation year: 
Mobility track: 
Current job: 
Planning Specialist, United Nations Children's Fund, New York Headquarters

Bilal says:

Mundus MAPP has played an important role in enhancing my knowledge and skills as well as giving a boost to my career growth. The programme brings together participants from different parts of the world which makes the learning experience richer in discussions as participants share the real state of affairs from their worlds. It has indeed been the best educational experience I've ever had!

The combination of development studies and public policy is possibly the best combination of curricula if you want to pursue your career in international development. In addition, different teaching methodologies from two different parts of Europe (Western and Central/Eastern) and different sets of class fellows representing diverse geographical areas make it even more interesting. Pursuing the mobility track of development studies and public policy helped me a great deal in starting my career in international development.

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Last updated: October 28, 2013 - 13:12