Academic year 2013-2015
Israa Al Mahmoud Hamad, Jordan   ISS-YORK
Liza Baron, United States of America ISS-IBEI
Abu Syed Belal, Bangladesh CEU-YORK
Aleksandar Bogdanoski, Macedonia CEU-YORK
Felipe Botero Escobar, Colombia ISS-YORK
Benjamin Buchholz, Germany ISS-IBEI
Tomas Chang Pico, Venezuela ISS-IBEI
Rebecca Duffy, Australia   ISS-IBEI
Oleksandra Garshyna, Ukraine CEU-IBEI
Daria Glukhova, Russian Federation CEU-YORK
Marcelo Gouveia Moreira, Brazil ISS-IBEI
Karl Haljasmets, Estonia CEU-IBEI
Maria Leonor Hernandez Porras, Colombia ISS-YORK
Kevin Kennedy, United States of America CEU-YORK
Lara Kline, United States of America CEU-IBEI
Simone Kranendonk, Netherlands CEU-YORK
Taylor Matevich, United States of America CEU-IBEI
Shorena Megrelishvili, Georgia   CEU-YORK
Miryam Nacimento, Peru ISS-IBEI
Hui Ning, China ISS-YORK
Graham Patterson, United States of America CEU-YORK
Myles Stiffler, United States of America CEU-IBEI
Nhan Vo, Vietnam ISS-YORK
Ingrid Xhafa, Albania CEU-YORK


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