Academic year 2012-2014


Stephen Butterfield, United States of America CEU-IBEI
Juliana Correa, Colombia ISS-IBEI
Ritchika Dsouza, India ISS-IBEI
Zakarya God, Netherlands CEU-YORK
Daniel Eduardo Gomez Uribe, Colombia ISS-IBEI
Hae Sol Han, Korea, Republic Of CEU-YORK
Ihor Ilko, Canada ISS-IBEI
Emin Mammadli, Azerbaijan ISS-IBEI
Akbikesh Mukhtarova, Kazakhstan ISS-YORK
Sudish Niroula, Nepal ISS-IBEI
Maxime Pelletier, Canada ISS-YORK
Aleksandra Piletic, Serbia ISS-IBEI
Renzo Pugliesi Acevedo, Peru ISS-IBEI
Graciela Rock, Mexico ISS-IBEI
Juan Sanchez, Colombia CEU-YORK
Suntad Srijarupurk, Thailand ISS-YORK
Henriette Stoeber, Germany CEU-YORK
Anne Wachter, Germany CEU-IBEI
Nicholas Wallace, United Kingdom CEU-IBEI
James Wilhelm, United Kingdom CEU-IBEI


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