Academic year 2010-2012
Cyrus Abdollahyan, Brazil ISS-IBEI
Saloni Dahra, India YORK-CEU
Minja Damjanovic, Bosnia And Herzegovina YORK-IBEI
Marcelo Facchina Macedo Bessa, Brazil ISS-CEU
Michaela Farenzenova, Slovakia YORK-IBEI
Koen Geven, Netherlands YORK-CEU
Katherine Giroux-Bougard, Canada ISS-IBEI
Ariel Gomez Fuentes, Mexico ISS-IBEI
Ho Jong Kang, Republic Of Korea YORK-CEU
David Lessmann, Germany YORK-CEU
Sean Looney, United States of America ISS-CEU
Adina Maricut, Romania YORK-CEU
Britta Katharina Matthes, Germany YORK-IBEI
Chau Nguyen, Viet Nam YORK-IBEI
Zuzana Novakova, Slovakia ISS-IBEI
Periša Raznatovic, Serbia ISS-IBEI
Ana Maria Rey Martinez, Colombia ISS-CEU
Madara Silina, Latvia ISS-CEU
Currun Singh, United States ISS-IBEI
Carlos Vazquez Castañeda, Mexico YORK-IBEI
Saskia Widenhorn, Germany ISS-IBEI
Malinda Wink, Australia ISS-CEU
Yoon Joo Yi, Republic Of Korea YORK-IBEI


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