Academic year 2009-2011
Maria Cristina Bacalso, Canada ISS-CEU  
Bruno Brandao, Brazil YORK-IBEI
Feina Cai, China YORK-IBEI
Julie Ann Delos Reyes, Philippines YORK-IBEI
Firuza Ganieva, Tajikistan YORK-IBEI
Angela Gonzalez Perez, Colombia ISS-IBEI
Alberto Guevara Castro, Mexico YORK-IBEI
Judy Jou, United States YORK-IBEI
Aleksandra Karpova, Russian Federation YORK-IBEI
Margaret Ama Kyiu, Ghana ISS-CEU
Gloria Lai, Australia ISS-CEU
Caitleen McQueen, United States YORK-IBEI
Maria Carolina Melo, Colombia YORK-IBEI
Dragan Mihajlovic, Serbia ISS-CEU
Majeed Mohammed, Ghana ISS-CEU
Shqipe Neziri, Kosovo, Republic of YORK-CEU
Mogeni Nyangau, Kenya YORK-CEU
Natalia Andrea Suescun Pozas, Colombia ISS-CEU  
Jose Urquilla, El Salvador ISS-CEU
Lauren Walshe-Roussel, Canada YORK-IBEI
Rian Wanstreet, United States YORK-CEU


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