Academic year 2008-2010
Gerardo Javier Arriaga Garcia, Mexico ISS-IBEI
Rodrigo Avila Barreiro, Mexico ISS-CEU  
Paola Ballesteros Duarte, Colombia ISS-IBEI
Monica Cepak, United States ISS-IBEI
Lan Doan, Viet Nam YORK-IBEI
Patchar Duangklad, Thailand ISS-CEU
Amelia Dulee-Kinsolving, United States YORK-IBEI
Claudia Gazol Moncada, Nicaragua YORK-CEU
Damian Gonzalez Salzberg, Argentina YORK-IBEI
Kazi Nurmohammad Haque, Bangladesh ISS-CEU  
Mohammad Shaiful Islam, Bangladesh ISS-CEU  
Zhen Li, China YORK-IBEI
Minhua Lin, China YORK-CEU
Daniel Msonda, Malawi ISS-CEU  
Chirada Na Suwan, Thailand YORK-CEU
Hovhannes Nahapetyan, Armenia YORK-IBEI
Anila Pashaj, Albania YORK-CEU
Sandra Salas Quijano, Colombia ISS-IBEI
Ajaya Shrestha, Nepal ISS-IBEI
Ruby Saakor Tetteh, Ghana ISS-CEU
Philip Thompson, Ghana ISS-CEU
Benedict Yiyugsah, Ghana YORK-CEU


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