Moving to Vienna, Barcelona, The Hague or York

1) Who will advise me regarding visa matters or provide me with the documents I will need to apply for a visa?

ISS: ISS will contact all accepted students about visa procedures and apply for the visas on the students' behalf. EU citizens will not need a visa to enter the Netherlands.

CEU: The CEU Admissions Office will send supporting documents for the visa.

IBEI: IBEI will send supporting documents for the visa.

YORK: Students starting their studies at the University of York are responsible for their own visa arrangements. The University Immigration Advice Service offers advice and help; please consult

2) Duration of the program and academic calendar.

For a detailed schedule and information on the exact duration of the program, please see the academic calendar.

3)     Not all my questions have been answered. Where can I find more information?

For information on accommodation, visa and residence permit issues, estimated costs of living and other practical details of living and studying in the four countries where the consortium universities are, please consult the websites of the Mundus MAPP partner insitutions:

CEU: Detailed online orientation for incoming students

IBEI: Life in Barcelona

ISS:  Information for prospecive students

YORK: Student life


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