Financial aspects

1)    What kind of financial aid is available for the 2020-2022 cohort?

Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Scholarships will not be available for the 2020-22 edition of the program. However, institutional scholarships offered by the Consortium institutions will continue to be available for the highest rated applicants. In order to apply for the institutional scholarships, applicants are required to fill in the 'Funding' section of the online application form accordingly.

Due to the limited number of institutional scholarships, applicants are strongly encouraged to seek and secure alternative sources of funding for their studies.
Erasmus Mundus scholarships will resume as of 2021.

Candidates interested in being considered for financial aid must submit their application by January 30, 2020. For more information on the available financial aid options click here.

2)    How much is the tuition fee? How do I pay it?
The tuition fees are 11,000 EUR/academic year, therefore 22,000 EUR in total for the two years payable to the university where the students study in the given academic year. The conditions for the payment will be outlined in the acceptance letter students receive.

Enrolling students in CEU tracks that need a visa to enter Austria will be required to pay their full tuition for the first year, 11,000 EUR, right after the payment of their deposit. In case the student does not start their studies this amount will be refunded.

Enrolling students in ISS tracks that need a visa to enter The Netherlands will be required to pay their full tuition and costs of living for the first year, a total of 22,451 EUR, by June 12, 2020. This amount consists of Tuition fees of 11,000 EUR, immigration fees 171 EUR, health insurance 480 EUR and the amount for living expenses for 12 months 10,800 EUR. The amount of the cost of living, 10,800 Euro will be transferred back to the student’s bank account after arrival in The Netherlands. 

Enrolling students in CEU tracks who do not need a visa to enter Austria 

  • Will be required to pay the first installment of their tuition fee for the first year, 5,500 EUR, by August 14, 2020.
  • The second installment, also 5,500 EUR, will be due on January 2021.

Enrolling students in ISS tracks who do not need a visa to enter The Netherlands will be required to pay their full tuition for the first year by August 14, 2020. 

3)    Is US federal student loan available for US students to undertake their studies in Mundus MAPP?
US federal student loans are available for the academic years which students spend at CEU or at the University of York.
The Sallie Mae Loan is available for US students through ISS and IBEI. 

4)    Is there medical insurance available during my enrollment in Mundus MAPP?

5)    What other costs should I expect upon enrolment, and how much should I budget for living expenses?
Regarding the estimated costs of living, candidates are advised to consult the webpages of the universities in which they will enroll, in particular:


All students should expect to cover the following expenses as well:

- study visit, in the range of 5-800 EUR (depending on the students' choice of destination), taking place in the spring term of year 1
- travel and visa costs between students’ home countries and the consortium countries, and when moving to year 2 university

The partner universities may charge additional fees in addition to the tuition fee:

CEU: 200 EUR enrollment fee for the academic year spent at CEU
ISS: no additional charges
YORK: no additional charges

6)    Can you suggest alternative sources of funding?
Sorry, we are unable to suggest alternative sources of funding but encourage our applicants to check online scholarship databases, international organizations, funding opportunities available from their home government or employer.

7)     Not all my questions have been answered. Where can I find more information?

For information on accommodation, visa and residence permit issues, estimated costs of living and other practical details of living and studying in the four countries where the consortium universities are, please consult the websites of the Mundus MAPP partner insitutions:

CEU: Detailed online orientation for incoming students

IBEI: Life in Barcelona

ISS:  Information for prospecive students

YORK: Student life


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