Erasmus Mundus Becoming Part of Erasmus+

The Erasmus Mundus program came to an end on December 31, 2013. However, ongoing projects are continuing their activities —including the selection of students for scholarships — until the end of their grant agreement.

As from January 1, 2014, certain activities supported up to now by Erasmus Mundus will be part of Erasmus+, the new EU programme for education, training, youth and sport.

The new program is associated with the brand name of Erasmus+ that is widely recognised. To help participants and beneficiaries of former Erasmus Mundus programs to find their way into Erasmus+, for the purpose of communication and dissemination, the following name may be used: "Erasmus+: Erasmus Mundus", in relation to the Joint Masters Degrees (JMDs).

For more information on Erasmus+ please check the program's website.

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Last updated: September 23, 2014 - 17:37